Our Support Centre is located in the heart of The National Forest in Moira; and supports our nine locations across the UK. The National Forest stretches across 200 square miles of Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, linking towns, villages and open land, blending new planting and other forest habitats with ancient woodland.  We will be supporting their aspirations to create a larger, forested area in the heart of England, to show all the many benefits that come from woodland near where people live and work.

Bringing people closer to nature

Working together

We are inviting our guests to make a donation to plant trees in The National Forest when booking their holiday. Bruce McKendrick, Forest Holidays Chief Executive said: “There is real synergy in our partnership as one of our values is to protect the forest for today and tomorrow. By supporting The National Forest we are helping to transform the landscape on our doorstep. Our team here at Moira will also be actively involved in planting the trees. We are very excited about the partnership and look forward not only to raising donations for the charity but also to make a real difference within our local community.”

Key achievements to date

More about The National Forest

  • 7059 hectares of new forest created and over 8.5 million trees planted 
  • Forest cover has increased from 6 to 20% across the 200 square miles
  • There are 7.8 million visitors annually, generating £373 million into the local economy
  • 516,473 children have enjoyed environmental education sessions
  • 292,000 people have taken part in forest related events
  • Over 2200 hectares of habitats important for wildlife have been created or brought back into management.
  • 60 miles of new hedgerows have been planted and over 150 new wildlife ponds have been created.
  • Over 45 new sport and recreation facilities and 102km of new cycle ways have been created

Donations for tree planting

How you can help

You will be invited to make a minimum donation of £3.00 to The National Forest when booking your Forest Holiday. The National Forest will use the donations to plant trees and create more forest habitats. We are aiming to help them achieve their target of planting a further 90,000 trees by 2017 to create 185 acres of new trees.  

Woodland management day

Forest Holidays team help to build bug hotels in The National Forest

In September 2016, we took part in our first woodland management day with The National Forest. Members of the support centre team ventured out into Sarah's Wood, a 25 acre woodland on the edge of Moira. Using a mixture of materials, including wooden pallets, bricks, plastic bottles, toilet/kitchen roll inner tubes and shredded paper, we helped to build a number of new bug hotel habitats in the woods. These bug hotels will support local wildlife and will also be used as educational tools by The National Forest!